Who Is JPC?

August 22, 2017

RiverFront Weddings is managed and operated by the award winning JPC Event Group, and you are probably wondering “Who IS JPC?”

The short answer– JPC Event Group is the parent company of an array of event production oriented companies, and we strive to bring our clients the best in fresh catering, event planning, equipment rentals, and venue spaces that the Pittsburgh area has to offer.

With over 20 years in the industry, here’s a look at our company “by the numbers.”

We have followed our passion by creating memories for our clients that last a lifetime. We have always believed that quality is more impactful than quantity, and we strive to create events that engage all of your senses with a commitment to sustainability and quality, as well as, local and seasonal ingredients.

YOU EAT WITH YOUR EYES FIRST…  and fresh, well-prepared food bursts with color and flavor, and delights your senses visually and by wowing your tastebuds!  We believe that the menus for special events should be just that SPECIAL, and we savor the peak seasonality of the best local foods Pittsburgh and the surrounding farm communities have to offer. It’s our approach to serve fresh, scratch made and innovative cuisine that honors our tradition of sustainability.

We look forward to sharing your first special meal as a married couple at RiverFront Weddings!

photography credit: Christina Shields Photography